Need UV Protection for Children?

Need UV Protection for Children?


We, EPOCHAL strongly believe that the Children are the one that need special protection from UV rays.

Children would suffer bad influences of UV and contaminate bad affection more than the adults do.

EPOCHAL is currently Japan’s only brand that specializes in providing UV blocking apparel that combats the daily damages of UV rays.  Our UV protection is easy, safe and perfect way of UV protection for our children.



It has been believed that babies and children should rather get sun tanned for their well-being back in 1990s.

In Japan, public healthcare used to instruct the parents to have their babies get out in the sun, but back in 1998, they started to announce the new guideline as not getting sun tanned for children.

UV rays is often necessary for generating Vitamin D which is essential to form bones and teeth for human body and the ecosystem on the earth.  Visible ray is also very important to keep hormone balance in the body.

However, it’s getting popular that the UV rays kill cells by damage DNA.  Many of the counties, especially for Caucasian started to make measures to UV protection.  And it is also getting known that UV also can harm your eyes not only your skins.


World Health Organization (WHO) shows their concerns and states “children, including all developmental stages from conception to age 18, have the right to enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health and to a safe environment. Children require special protection as they are at a higher risk of suffering damage from exposure to UV radiation than adults,”.



























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