What do you think about Black Mask?

There is a theory that Japan is the origin of black masks. Originally, the black one was used so that the dust of the factory was not noticeable.

Since then, masks have been used for medical purposes such as influenza, and have changed to white masks.

Mainly white color masks started from being worn by famous people in Korea again, and have spread to Japan.

Epochal’s original design children mask is patent pending. The new point is that you can make adjustments.



EPOCHAL(エポカル)は、紫外線対策を目的にした日本唯一のUVカットウエアブランドです。赤ちゃんから大人の男性までのUVカットアウター・インナー・スイムウエア・帽子など。 敏感肌や、アトピー、病後のケアなどだけでなく、免疫力低下防止のため日常的なUVケアにぜひお使いください。 http://www.epochal.jp/smartphone/ EPOCHAL is a company having been founded and run by a group of mothers in the child-rearing years in Japan. We are Japan's sole brand specializing in anti-UV (ultraviolet rays) apparel products that was established by the mothers, originally for the sake of their young children who were diagnosed in part as having atopic skin conditions. Our clothes capable of blocking UV that have been designed to enable children to play outdoors cheerfully are being created using special textiles manufactured by Japan's leading fabric makers. #UVouter #epochal #紫外線対策 #赤ちゃん #キッズ #UVウエア #Sunprotection #ultraviolet radiation #Japan #日本製ウエア #skincare #cancer #made in japan #UPF50 #rushgard #cancer #skin #australia #Hawaii #WHO


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