The biggest hat we made

"Wakocchi" is the mascot of Wako City, where our office is.

We thought that wearing a hat by this mascot would be a PR for "prevention of heatstroke", so we made a hat.
We were asked by a medical doctor in the city to make a hat, and we accepted it.
However, this work was much more difficult and hard than I expected.
First of all, we had Wakocchi measure the size of our head and made a hat pattern.
And I asked a professional to make a hat.
Okumura is a genius in making hats.
We have been asked to make hats for more than 15 years, and they will understand our intention immediately. Great people.
The finished hat is huge, and a bigger hat will not be made in the future.
Donating to Wako with the doctors was a great moment for us.


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