This year, we moved into RIKEN Wako Incubation Plaza as a resident.

We installed a dosimeter, and we expanded our research of UV protective materials to create protective clothing for children who cannot be exposed to UV rays because of an incurable disease XP (Xeroderma pigmentosum).

It is said that people are “exposed to half of their lifetime UV rays by the age of 18.” EPOCHAL also makes UV protective school uniforms and school hats, and this lineup of school uniforms are the only products in Japan recommended by the Japan Society of School Health.

I want to help people with small children, sensitive skin, UV allergies, photosensitivity, bruises, skin cancer, people treating burns, and also people who are simply dedicated in maintaining their skin beautiful: people like myself when I was searching for UV protective clothes for my son. Through our products, EPOCHAL will continue to share with the world the importance and knowledges of UV protection.