Who we are:

Epochal is the only brand in the world that makes UV resistant clothing that doesn't cause allergic reactions. Epochal was founded by a group of Moms who had young children with allergic reactions to normal UV resistant clothing. We take pride in designing and producing a variety of clothes that let your kids enjoy the outdoors while protecting their skin from harmful UV radiation. 

We make our clothes using special textiles manufactured by Japan's leading fabric makers. Together, with research and innovation, we have been able to make products that protect against the effects of UV radiation by 91%.

These special fabrics are made using synthetic fibers with titanium oxide. These amazing, thinly layered clothes still protect against those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Since the clothes are specially designed to be long-lasting, the SPF does not weaken and break down with repeated washing. The materials have been carefully selected to make sure that they are comfortable to wear. They not only absorb sweat, they even dry quickly.

We strive to offer products that not only benefit people with sensitive skin conditions but also encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. 

エポカル ベビーのための紫外線対策