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Q. Even after the temperature decreases, do we still need UV protection?

A. Yes. Even if the temperature decreases, the amount of UV rays does not change.

Here in Los Angeles, the weather is clear all year round, and the UV index never goes below 3 (the UV index indicates the degree of damage UV rays does to the human body, with 1 as the lowest and safest. In LA, it goes as high as 11 at average in July).

With clear weather and strong UV rays all year, LA is actually known as the area with the 2nd most incidences of skin cancer in the world. Sunburns without UV protection will not only create spots or wrinkles, but they can be the cause of skin cancer. Lately, the temperature has dropped, and it has become a little chilly, but the amount of UV does not decrease with temperature. That is why it is important to protect against UV  during these seasons, just as you do in the summer.

Recently, however, in tourist spots such as Palau and Hawaii, the use of UV sunscreens has been prohibited in light of the harm it does to the environment—especially coral bleaching. The environmentally friendly way to protect the skin is wearing UV clothing made of specialized material with UV protection that does not wear off. For those parts of the body that cannot be covered by clothing, you can choose environment-friendly sunscreen. Protect your health and beauty through proper, environment-friendly UV protection.

This article was published in the LA version of the magazine "Lighthouse". (November 2020)